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Cast and Crew

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland cast - 1972 Fiona Fullerton ... Alice
Michael Jayston ... Dodgson
Hywel Bennett ... Duckworth
Michael Crawford ... White Rabbit
Davy Kaye ... Mouse
William Ellis ... Dodo
Freddie Earlle ... Guinea Pig Pat
Mike Elles ... Guinea Pig Two
Julian Chagrin ... Bill the Lizard
Ralph Richardson ... Caterpillar
Freddie Cox ... Tweedledum
Frank Cox ... Tweedledee
Peter O'Farrell ... Fish Footman
Ian Trigger ... Frog Footman
Peter Bull ... Duchess
Patsy Rowlands ... Cook
Roy Kinnear ... Cheshire Cat
Robert Helpmann ... Mad Hatter
Peter Sellers ... March Hare
Dudley Moore ... Dormouse
Dennis Waterman ... 2 of Spades
Ray Brooks ... 5 of Spades
Richard Warwick ... 7 of Spades
Dennis Price ... King of Hearts
Flora Robson ... Queen of Hearts
Rodney Bewes ... Knave of Hearts
Spike Milligan ... Gryphon
Michael Hordern ... Mock Turtle
Victoria Shallard ... Lorina
Pippa Vickers ... Edith
Ray Edwards ... Eagle
Stanley Bates ... Monkey
Melita Manger ... Squirrel
Angela Morgan ... Lory
June Kidd ... Magpie
Michael Reardon ... Frog
Brian Tripping ... Duck

Josef Shaftel ... Executive Producer
Derek Horne ... Producer
William Sterling ... Director, Screenplay
Rene Dupont ... Associate Producer
John Barry ... Musical Director, Composer
Don Black ... Lyricist
Geoffrey Unsworth ... Director of Photography
Michael Stringer ... Production Designer
Anthony Mendleson ... Costume Designer
Terry Gilbert ... Choreographer
Jack Causey ... Production Manager
Peter Weatherley ... Editor
Norman Dorme ... Art Director
Bert Batt ... Assistant Director
Peter MacDonald ... Camera Operator
James Shields ... Sound Editor
Michael Clifford ... Music Editor
Maggie Unsworth ... Continuity
Bob Jones ... Sound Recordist
Ken Ritchie ... Sound Recordist
Roy Whybrow ... Special Effects Supervisor
Ted Samuels ... Special Effects
Doug Ferris ... Special Effects
Ron Beck ... Wardrobe Master
Dorothy Edwards ... Wardrobe Mistress
Stuart Freeborn ... Make-up Supervisor
Biddy Chrystal ... Hairdressing Supervisor
Dick Frift ... Construction Manager
Peter Culverwell ... Assistant Editor
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland cast - 1972


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland soundtrack - 1972
  John Barry and Don Black's musical score is something like an operetta, with Alice and friends incessantly bursting into song even between the actual musical numbers. This bizarre decision irritated many viewers, but overall, the music was well-received and even described as "bewitching".

  An original soundtrack album was released on vinyl (and 8-track tape) by Warner Bros. Records, featuring the tracks:

Side One

Curiouser and Curiouser - Fiona Fullerton
You've Gotta Know When to Stop - Davy Kaye
The Royal Procession
The Last Word is Mine - Michael Crawford and Fiona Fullerton
Dum and Dee Dance, Nursery Rhyme - Fiona Fullerton The Pun Song - Robert Helpmann, Peter Sellers, Dudley Moore
I've Never Been This Far Before

Side Two

Curiouser and Curiouser
I've Never Been This Far Before - Fiona Fullerton
Medley: Off with Their Heads, The Croquet Game, The Moral Song - Flora Robson, Peter Bull
The Me I Never Knew
The Lobster Quadrille
Will You Walk a Little Faster? - Michael Hordern, Spike Milligan
They Told Me - Michael Crawford
The Me I Never Knew - Fiona Fullerton

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland soundtrack - 1972
  In 2005, Film Score Monthly reissued the Warner Bros. album, remastered from the original studio tapes, on a special John Barry CD that also includes his score for Petulia (1968).

  The CD is available for purchase directly from the distributor, Screen Archives Entertainment, and can also be found on eBay.

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Home Video

Home video
  The film has been released many times on videocassette and DVD in various countries and languages, but most frequently in the USA, where it is apparently considered a public domain property. Almost all of these editions present a fuzzy "pan and scan" version of the film, which crops off half of the picture.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - 1972 DVD
  More recently in the UK, the film has reappeared in its original, widescreen aspect ratio, broadcast on Channel 5 and released on DVD by Oracle Home Entertainment (aka Eureka Entertainment). However, while the picture is complete, the quality is poor (arguably worse than the "pan and scan" videocassette editions), making the film look very dull. Surely a double BAFTA winner deserves better treatment, but for now a restoration looks unlikely.

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Franco-Belgian comic album

Franco-Belgian comic album

  This French-language album comprises comic strips first published in Belgian newspaper Le Soir, as a promotion for the film. The comic was designed by Greg, with artwork and lettering by Dany, Dupa, Turk and De Groot, and closely resembles the costume and set designs of the film.

  The hardback book was originally released by Lombard in March 1973, and then reissued by MC Productions in 1987. Both editions are often listed for sale on eBay.
Franco-Belgian comic album
Talking Alice doll from Palitoy

Talking Alice doll

  From Palitoy, this 24 inch tall doll came with a set of three double-sided records, each approximately one minute long, featuring Fiona Fullerton telling the story and singing songs from the film.
  This item is quite rare, but can sometimes be found on eBay or other second-hand/auction sites.
Souvenir programme

Souvenir programme

  This booklet contains the film's storyline, profiles of the cast, behind-the-scenes information and 100 colour photographs, alongside Tenniel's illustrations.
  A smaller edition was included as a supplement in Oracle Home Entertainment's 2005 DVD release, with an additional article, Alice on film.
Illustrated songbook

Illustrated songbook

  Published by Edwin H Morris & Co., this songbook contains lyrics and sheet music for ten songs and three score excerpts, a summary of film's storyline, several black-and-white illustrations and seven colour photographs.
  Individual sheet music was also released for some of the songs.
Piccolo tie-in book

Book with stills from the film

  This tie-in book from Piccolo/Pan Books includes the original story, complete and unabridged, with 20 colour photographs from the film.
  ISBN: 0330236148