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Alice memories
"How do you do? Shake hands!"

  Thank you for dropping by my website. My name is Daniel. I'm in my twenties and I live in the South of England. I do not purport to be an expert on Alice in Wonderland or its biggest fan; the stories were simply a part of my childhood and hold many fond memories for me.

  As far as I remember, my first introduction to Alice was part of a Disneyland Sing Along Songs video when I was about four years old (Alice and the White Rabbit sing, dance and push a flower cart "right down the middle of Main Street, USA"). It was another couple of years until I saw the Disney film and read an abridged version of the book, but from that point Alice became one of my favourite things in the whole world.Alice memories

  With my family, I was fortunate enough to visit all kinds of places with connections to the stories, such as Oxford, Guildford, Daresbury, The Rabbit Hole in Llandudno, the Alice in Wonderland Family Park in Bournemouth, Wonderland in Telford and many of the Disney theme parks. We looked for memorabilia everywhere we went (especially illustrated editions of Wonderland) and accumulated a considerable collection over the course of approximately seven years, with well over 500 books (we lost count).

  My sister was always a good sport and entered into the Wonderland spirit; I have a box full of saved things that we made or did together, including photographs, drawings and souvenirs from the places we visited. Evidently our toys were Alice enthusiasts; they had their own club (complete with rules, badges and a grammatically incorrect motto: "Your never to old to have fun") and even a fully designed theme park ("At the Alice in Wonderland Experience, you'll discover what it's like to have an amazing adventure, just like Alice when she fell down the curious rabbit hole into Wonderland!" Children's weekday admission: 1p!) Alice memoriesI can't remember whether or not we actually built the park, but I wouldn't put it past us.

  My main reason for creating this website was to try and teach myself web design and coding. I'm a complete novice, so I'm sure I've made all kinds of mistakes (if you notice any, please feel free to let me know; I promise not to be offended). I also wanted to provide a central resource for Alice fans, young and old, where I could share all the information and knowledge I have gained from my experience. I hope you will find it helpful and enjoy many wonderful adventures of your own.