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Alice in Wonderland - 1985


Songs by Steve Allen
  When invited to contribute five or six songs to this production, the enthusiastic Steve Allen came up with 40 instead. Producer Irwin Allen (no relation) liked them so much, he managed to squeeze 19 into the script. Steve Allen considered it a great honour to have his compositions performed by so many of his friends and favourite entertainers, describing the project as the most pleasurable in his experience as a composer-lyricist.

  While no official soundtrack album has been released as yet, a promotional/archival audio cassette was produced by Allen's company Meadowlane Enterprises, featuring all of the songs plus a few related recordings:

Side One

Alice - Paul Smith and Steve Allen
Laugh - Paul Smith and Steve Allen
The Loveliest Garden - Steve Allen
I Hate Dogs and Cats - Sherman Hemsley
Father William - Sammy Davis, Jr.
There's Something to Say for Hatred - Martha Raye and Imogene Coca
There's No Way Home - Telly Savalas
There's No Way Home - Roseanna Vitro
Laugh - Anthony Newley
Why Do People Act as If They're Crazy? - Lana Beeson
Off With Their Heads! (Instrumental)
Off With Their Heads! - Jayne Meadows
Nonsense - Ringo Starr
I Didn't, You Did - Anthony Newley and Roddy McDowall
How Do You Do, Shake Hands - Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme
The Lion and the Unicorn - Harvey Korman and John Stamos

Side Two

Strawberry Wine - Jayne Meadows
The Walrus and the Carpenter: Pt 1 - Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme
The Walrus and the Carpenter: Pt 2 - Karl Malden and Louis Nye
Jam Tomorrow - Steve Allen
Jam Tomorrow - Carol Channing
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat - Steve Allen
We Are Dancing - Steve Allen Orchestra
We Are Dancing - Lloyd Bridges
Can You Do Addition? - Ann Jillian and Carol Channing
Emotions - Ann Jillian
Emotions - Roseanna Vitro
Hush-a-Bye Lady - Ann Jillian
To the Looking-Glass World - Instrumental
To the Looking-Glass World - Red Buttons and Lana Beeson
Alice Finale - Cast

  With the exception of jazz singer Roseanna Vitro's renditions, the tracks are seemingly unmastered; some are lifted directly from the film soundtrack, sound effects and all, while in others, the conductor can be heard counting in the orchestra. Elsewhere, an "album" version of Nonsense performed by Ringo Starr can be found in various bootleg collections of Beatles obscurities.

  Sadly, the exceptionally characterful score by Morton Stevens has never seen the light of day outside of the film itself, and by this time a commercial release looks incredibly unlikely.


LP and storybook

LP and storybook

  Produced by Kid Stuff Records and Tapes, this story LP features clips from the original voice track of the film. The accompanying read-along book contains 64 colour photographs. Occasionally available on eBay or Amazon.


  From Columbia Pictures Publications, this hard-to-find songbook contains sheet music and lyrics for 15 of the songs, as well as many colour photographs.

ISBN: 0-89898-416-5
Plate collection

Plate collection

  To coincide with the film's initial broadcast, The Historic Providence Mint created an official collection of twelve commemorative plates on Royal Wickford Porcelain, with artwork by George Terp.

  The plates were entitled: The Tea Party, The Caterpillar, The White Knight, The Duchess and Cook, Off With Their Heads!, Red and White Queens, The White Rabbit, Talking Flowers, Tweedledee-Tweedledum, Walrus and Carpenter, Lion and Unicorn and Humpty Dumpty.

Home Video

Home Video Home Video Home Video
  The film has been available on home video almost continually since its initial airing, with videocassette releases from Warner Brothers in the USA and Europe. For America, the two-part production was edited into two separate films, while in Europe, it is presented in its original format. The complete film is now available on DVD, released for Region 1 in August 2006 and Region 2 in May 2010. Neither edition offers any special features.

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