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Christ Church college, OxfordAlice's Shop, Oxford   Christ Church college, Oxford, was the home of Lewis Carroll/Charles Dodgson and the "real Alice", Alice Liddell. Many of the scenes in Wonderland were inspired by day-to-day life in Oxford, so there is much for Alice enthusiasts to see here. Across the road from the college is Alice's Shop, which was Alice's favourite place to buy sweets and appears in Through the Looking Glass (today it sells Alice memorabilia). Visitors can also tour the college itself and take a boat trip from Folly Bridge on the River Thames, just as Dodgson and Liddell did on that "golden afternoon" in July 1862. This historic event is celebrated every year by The Story Museum, with a weekend of Alice activities and exhibitions throughout the city. Alice in Waterland guided group walks are also available from Oxford historian Mark Davies, with routes following paths walked by Dodgson and Liddell on several occasions.

Daresbury, Cheshire

DaresburyDaresbury   The small village of Daresbury was the birthplace of Lewis Carroll/Charles Dodgson and his home until the age of 11. These were the "happy summer days" he remembered so fondly in his writing. The Daresbury Parsonage (the Dodgson family's home) was burned down much later in 1883, but the site is now protected by the National Trust.

  Carroll and his work are commemorated in a stained glass window of All Saints' Church, designed by Geoffrey Webb in 1934 to mark the centenary of Dodgson's birth. In March 2012, the Lewis Carroll Centre opened in a brand new semi-circular building attached to the church itself.

Memorial window, All Saints Church

Adventure Wonderland, Bournemouth

Adventure WonderlandAlice in Wonderland Maze
It's the Cat's Whiskers!

  Originally The Alice in Wonderland Maze and Family Park, Adventure Wonderland opened in 1992. The star attraction is the giant hedge maze (the third largest in the UK), in the shape of various Wonderland characters. Other Alice-themed attractions include Turbo Teacups, Curvy Caterpillars, Crazy Croquet and shows and storytelling in the Happydrome Theatre.

  The multi-award winning park has expanded a great deal over the last twenty years and now includes Wild Thing!, an indoor Aztec Adventure Play Centre, in addition to its several outdoor rides and activities.

  For more information, visit their website: Adventure Wonderland

Wonderland Midlands, Telford, Shropshire

Wonderland MidlandsWonderland Midlands
There's a magical place to visit called Wonderland

  Part of Telford Town Park, Wonderland is a woodland park with a theme of fairy tales and nursery rhymes, featuring storybook characters and their houses. Visitors can share a picnic with Alice and her friends at the Mad Hatter's Table, explore the Crazy Maze and climb aboard the Caterpillar Ride, the Tea Cup Ride and the White Rabbit Ride. Various special events take place throughout the year.

  For more information, visit their website: Wonderland Midlands


  The death of Carroll/Dodgson's father in 1868 (his mother having passed away in 1851) left him head of the family and responsible for his ten siblings, particularly finding a home for six unmarried sisters. He chose The Chestnuts, a large house near Guildford castle, where he visited frequently and died in 1898. Today, a statue of Alice Through the Looking Glass stands in the castle's beautiful grounds. The statue was created by sculptor Jeanne Argent, modelled on her daughter Anne Carroll (both pictured). Another statue on the riverbank depicts Alice, her sister and the White Rabbit. Unfortunately, the statues have fallen victim to vandalism in recent years and the memorial plaque outside The Chestnuts has mysteriously disappeared.


The Rabbit Hole, Llandudno (CLOSED SEPTEMBER 2008)

The Rabbit Hole, LlandudnoThe Rabbit Hole, Llandudno
It never rains in Wonderland!

  The Welsh resort of Llandudno has a special connection to Alice in Wonderland, in that the "real" Alice used to spend holidays there as a child. The Alice in Wonderland Centre was created by Muriel and Murray Ratcliffe and opened in 1987, selling Alice memorabilia and featuring The Rabbit Hole Grotto, a walk-through warren of life-size animated scenes from the stories. Visitors were provided with individual sound recordings to accompany their trip to Wonderland, available in several languages.

  Sadly, the attraction closed in 2008, but visitors can still enjoy an interactive Alice in Wonderland trail around the town, and recently business team Barry Mortlock, Simon Burrows and Irene Burrows have announced plans to reopen the Alice centre in the near future, with the assistance of original owner Muriel Ratcliffe.
The Rabbit Hole, Llandudno

Disney Parks

Disney Parks   Alice in Wonderland was one of Walt Disney's favourite stories, so it's only appropriate that Alice has a major presence at each of the Disney resorts around the world. Internationally, guests can ride spinning tea cups in the Fantasyland area of the parks, while the resorts in California and Paris are of special interest to Alice enthusiasts. Disneyland, California, the original park devised by Walt Disney, boasts a two-storey classic "dark ride", on which guests climb aboard a caterpillar and journey through Wonderland, while Disneyland Paris (Euro Disney) features Alice's Curious Labyrinth, a large, winding hedge maze full of surprises.

  Alice and her friends also appear in parades and are available to "meet and greet" for photographs, autographs, etc. at each resort.

Disney Parks