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Europress - Living Classics

Living Classics - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
"The world's best-loved children's story
brought to life on your PC"

Living Classics - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Living Classics - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland   In 1995, Europress released the first interactive version of Alice to mark the launch of its new Living Classics series of children's CD-Roms. The "book" consists of more than 50 graphic scenes, and among the pages are four multi-level interactive games. Players are invited to help Alice escape from the strange hall at the foot of the rabbit hole, play a game of Simon Says with the hookah-puffing Caterpillar, ward off an army of lethal cups and saucers in the Duchess's kitchen and interrupt the Queen of Hearts in the middle of a tense game of croquet. Directed by international award-winning TV director, Eric Harrison, with voice characterisations by Shakespearean actors David Mahlowe and Delia Corrie, the disc can also be played on audio CD players, with a running time of 50 minutes.
Living Classics - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland