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The Hall of Doors
1865 - 2015: 150 years of the Macmillan Alice
Macmillan's new site celebrating the 150th anniversary of Alice's initial publication. Packed with information and images.

Lenny's Alice in Wonderland site and forum
The biggest Alice resource on the web (online since 1997) and first port of call for fans, students and anyone hoping to learn more about the stories. Created by multi-talented Dutchwoman Lenny de Rooy, the site contains the original stories in full, a wealth of background information and many imaginative ideas for Alice-themed parties and costumes. The discussion board attracts visitors from all over the world, with topics related to the books, the various film adaptations, collectables, events and much more.

Alice is Everywhere
Heather's excellent blog, podcast and gift shop dedicated to all things Alice.

Alice's Shop - the Alice in Wonderland Shop
Small shop in Oxford, selling Alice memorabilia. The "real" Alice used to buy sweets here as a child and the shop appears in Through the Looking Glass (Wool and Water).

Alice in Wonderland - An Interactive Adventure!
Applet-rich selection of animations, games and activities. Now somewhat dated, but fun all the same.

The Story Museum - Alice
Oxford-based charity, working in schools and other public venues to develop a story-rich society for children. Their annual highlight is Alice's Day, a free family event in July, with various activities and exhibitions taking place around Lewis Carroll and Alice's home town.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll - Project Gutenberg
Free eBook edition of the original text, available to download in a variety of digital formats, including HTML, Kindle and PDF.

Lewis Carroll Centre
Opened in March 2012, this centre in Carroll/Dodgson's childhood home, Daresbury, Cheshire, is a great visit for family, schools, wanderers or literary enthusiasts.

Part of Tate Liverpool's 2011 Alice exhibition, this fascinating website features interactive games and videos, which combine the art of Wonderland with neuroscience.

Alice in Wonderland Collectables
Online shop based in Llandudno, previously home to The Rabbit Hole (The Alice in Wonderland Centre), selling figurines, trinkets and bags.

Adventure Wonderland
Dorset's number one family theme park, inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Attractions include Turbo Teacups, Curvy Caterpillars, regular appearances by Alice, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit and the Queen of Hearts, shows and storytelling in the Happydrome Theatre and, best of all, an Alice-themed maze. Made up of 5,200 bushes and with over 1.75 miles of paths, it is the third largest in the UK.

Wonderland Midlands
Shropshire park with a theme of fairy tales and nursery rhymes, featuring storybook characters and their houses. Visitors can find Alice and her friends at the Mad Hatter's Table, explore the Crazy Maze and climb aboard the Caterpillar Ride, the Tea Cup Ride and the White Rabbit Ride.

Alice Tease
Charitable project by young artist Jenny Van Alstyne, selling whimsical Alice-inspired gifts (clothing, bags, jewellery and more) to raise funds for the American Alzheimer's Association. Jenny's designs can also be purchased on Etsy.

Alice's Adventures Underground at The British Library
The good people at The British Library, home to the original Alice manuscript, have kindly made this artefact available to browse online in its entirety.

BLOGS (Parents and children, please remember to use your discretion and exercise extra caution regarding these links; the blogosphere's content can be less than family-friendly)

Tumblr blog by eagle-eyed Alice enthusiast Jenna. Updated frequently, often with obscure finds.

Curiouser and Curiouser
Tumblr blog by Sam, with a special interest in screen adaptations of Alice

Tumblr blog by Chloe, mostly on the subject of Alice on stage and screen, including theatrical productions rarely discussed elsewhere. This blog runs like clockwork; click the roman numerals to navigate!

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