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... to What a Wonderful Dream, a site dedicated to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll.

What a Wonderful Dream

  Now over 150 years old, these stories have become a global phenomenon, an ingrained part of our culture, inspiring the minds of children and grown-ups alike. This website aims to chronicle their evolution, from a simple, spontaneous river-picnic amusement, to literary classics and firm favourites in every medium (cinema, television, music, fine art, illustration...), and to explore the wealth of meaning they hold for so many people.

  Comments, suggestions, contributions, corrections and general feedback are more than welcome, so please CONTACT ME any time. Before making a suggestion, check my TO-DO LIST; it may already be on the cards!

  Please keep in mind that I cannot accept all suggestions; this is nothing personal. It is important to me that the site is family-friendly, with no content unsuitable for children, so more adult-oriented versions of Alice's adventures are not appropriate.

  I hope you have a wonderful time here.


Happy Summer Days - June 2017

Alice is Everywhere   Somehow the excellent Alice is Everywhere website completely escaped my attention until today, when I heard its owner, Heather Simmons, speaking about the Beatles connection on BBC Radio 4. The site comprises a blog, a podcast and a gift shop, and you can also follow on various social media platforms. Again, not sure how I managed to miss this, but well worth visiting.

  Also worth a visit is the Story Museum's annual Alice's Day event in Oxford, taking place this year on Saturday 1 July. The theme for 2017 is Riddles and Games, with free, family-friendly performances and activities taking place at venues throughout the city, including Alice's Day 2017 Christ Church, The Ashmolean, Blackwell's Book Shop, Bodleian Libraries, Museum of History Science, Museum of Oxford, University of Oxford Botanic Garden, Alice's Shop and Oxford Castle. This year, visitors can take part in a Cheshire Cat Scavenger Hunt, in which a prize will be awarded for finding grins (without a cat) around the city, and also a well-justified protest against croquet-related cruelty towards hedgehogs!