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Still Alive in Wonderland! - April 2015

150 Years of Wonderland   Goodness, would you look at the layer of dust on this place?! I'm very sorry the site has been neglected for so long, but I will try and breathe some life back into it this year for the 150th anniversary of Wonderland's publication.

  Be sure to drop by Macmillan's fantastic new website, launched especially for the occasion (loads of great images and info here), and keep an eye on their events page too.

  Many thanks to everyone who has been in touch over the last three years. It has been a pleasure to help you with your Alice research, and I'm so glad the site has been a useful resource. To anyone whose emails I missed, my sincere apologies - I'm making a concerted effort this year!

Read for RNIB Day

Read for RNIB   Please support the Royal National Institute of Blind People this year by participating in their Alice-themed Read for RNIB Day event in October. RNIB's Talking Book service brings the joy of reading to those who can't read ordinary print, allowing them to join the adventure!

  You can get involved by holding a reading-themed fundraising event, such as a book sale, literary lunch, a Mad Hatter's sensory tea party or reading challenge. You can also sponsor your favourite character from the Alice stories and receive an illustrated gift card and certificate.

  More information can be found on the RNIB website, where you can register to receive a free Alice in Wonderland fundraising pack.

New DVDs from BBC America
  On 12th March 2013, BBC America released two classic television productions of Alice on DVD. The first is Barry Letts's 4-part series of Alice in Wonderland from 1986, starring Elisabeth Sladen, Claire Davenport, Jonathan Cecil and Kate Dorning as Alice.

  The second is the 1973 BBC television play of Through the Looking Glass, directed by James MacTaggart, starring Sarah Sutton, Geoffrey Bayldon, Richard Pearson and Freddie Jones.

BUY Alice in Wonderland DVD from

BUY Alice Through the Looking Glass DVD from
Alice's Day weekend 2012

Alice's Day   On Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th July, various Alice-themed events will be taking place throughout Oxford for The Story Museum's fifth Alice's Day celebration.

  Local historian, author, and guide Mark Davies will be giving a free illustrated talk, Alice in Waterland, as well as leading a three-mile riverside pilgrimage walk from Folly Bridge towards Godstow, the route taken by Carroll and the "real" Alice on their famous river picnic 150 years ago.

  There will also be storytelling, craft activities, exhibitions, quizzes, games and trails for all the family.

  For more information, visit The Story Museum's website: Story Museum - Alice 150th anniversary celebrations
150 Years of Alice
  4th July 2012 marks the 150th anniversary of the river picnic taken by Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) and Alice Liddell (the "real" Alice), on which the story of Alice's Adventures was told for the first time.

"Anon, to sudden silence won,
In fancy they pursue
The dream-child moving through a land
Of wonders wild and new,
In friendly chat with bird or beast -
And half believe it true ...

... Thus grew the tale of Wonderland:
Thus slowly, one by one,
Its quaint events were hammered out -
And now the tale is done,
And home we steer, a merry crew,
Beneath the setting sun."